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4th E-Mobility Stakeholder Forum - 25th – 26th May 2016, Brussels

The I-CVUE project was pleased to join forces with the FRevue and ZeEUS projects to host the 4th E-Mobility Stakeholder Forum in Brussels. The forum brought experts from across Europe together to discuss the future of e-mobility and to hear about the progress being made by the various projects. The event considered the key themes represented by the three projects: I-CVUE discussing fleets and policy, FRevue representing the freight market and ZeEUS providing insight into e-bus trials across Europe.

The event was supported by Magda Kopczynska, Director for Innovative and Sustainable Mobility at the EU Commission’s DG MOVE. The speakers and delegates were experts from cities, EU projects, commercial suppliers, NGOs and academia. There was a large selection of speakers who all brought together a wide range of e-mobility experience across a number of disciplines.

I-CVUE was represented by Tim Anderson, Energy Saving Trust and Harm Weken, FIER. Harm was in the first roundtable discussion and provided an overview of the I-CVUE project along with some of the findings from the boundary conditions analysis that has taken place. Tim presented at the session on Clean Vehicles and Services Procurement in Practice along with the final roundtable discussion at the end of the event. A large number of important stakeholders were made aware of the I-CVUE project and the valuable work we are doing with fleets and policy makers across Europe. We were also able to create links with other EU sponsored projects and will actively seek new opportunities for future collaboration, particularly in disseminating our respective project results.

Tim Anderson (I-CVUE), Magda Kopczynska (DG MOVE), Tanja Dalle-Muenchmeyer (FRevue) and Umberto Guida (ZeEUS)

Harm Weken’s speech about Boundary Conditions Analyses


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