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I-CVUE to minimize key challenges of wider uptake of e-mobility

I-CVUE tries to minimize key challenges of wider uptake of e-mobility

Bellona Foundation summarized the main features of electric mobility in their article “Why an electrified transport sector needs to form a core component of the Energy Union” including the main benefits such as decarbonising transport sector, reducing health risk associated with air pollution and cutting reliance on fossil fuels.

According to Bellona Foundation’s article, the key challenges to the wider uptake of electric vehicles are:

  • Higher costs of ownership.
  • Limited driving range.
  • Lack of politic awareness.

Thanks to I-CVUE TCO tool, fleet operators can accurately compare vehicles with conventional and electric powertrains regarding cost and utility. Hence, I-CVUE shows that higher purchase costs can be compensated with lower energy costs and incentives.

Economic and operational incentives are also key aspects for increase the number of EVs in our roads. However, Bellona’s article says that there is not a “one-rule-fitting-all” solution. Again, I-CVUE has developed a wide study of Boundary conditions of 5 EU regions. Click here to see more.


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