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The I-CVUE Decision Support Model web-tool empowers you to compare vehicles with conventional powertrains, i.e. Diesel or Petrol engines, to Plug-in hybrid or battery-electric vehicles with respect to TCO and utility. This tool outmatches other comparison tools due to its high flexibility and completeness.

Almost all aspects contributing to the Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) are included in this high-level programme. You may consider private or company ownership and distinguish between costs for the driver and the owner of the vehicle. Reference data sets for several European countries are available and calculations for these countries consider the specific legal situations with respect to taxation, allowance and benefit in kind.

TCO Webtool

City and national stakeholder should try our web tools dedicated to policy makers. These tools allow you assess the total cost of ownership and vehicle utility for conventional and electric vehicles in European countries. You may transfer different monetary and non-monetary incentives from one country to another, investigate the market potential of electric vehicles in dependence of your virtual policy changes and extrapolate the impact of incentives on the market sales and CO2 savings of electric vehicles.




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